About Us

Vinings Gallery  A One-of-a-Kind Art Destination for Collectors and Artists Alike

Like the impressive mix of nationally recognized and emerging artists featured on its walls, Vinings Gallery is a true original - a place where a passion and enthusiasm for great art is contagious.

Walk through the doors and enjoy a soul-quenching glass of wine on canvas with America's pre-eminent painter of wine, Thomas Arvid, a quiet stroll through the French countryside with impressionist, JalinePol, an evening out on the town with adventurous cityscape painter Michael Flohr, or listen to the musical soul of resident artist and gallery co-owner Denard Stalling, who you may find at an easel painting in the front window or creating a custom hand-made frame in the back. For those who agree with Aristotle, who long ago said, "The soul never thinks without a picture," there's plenty to stir the spirit at Vinings Gallery, a recently expanded artistic hotspot in the burgeoning Atlanta art scene.

The soul of Vinings Gallery is found not only in its growing palette of more than 30 of the world's most sought after and emerging artists, but also in its small, close-knit staff of three. Gary Handler, one of the country's leading art consultants and artist representatives, and Stalling, whose musically themed still life images have struck a cord with collectors nationwide, opened Vinings Gallery in December 1999. "We started with a blank canvas seven years ago and have worked hard to turn the gallery into a special place that brings together the best of the best," explains Stalling.

Stalling, who has been painting since he was eight years old, gives Vinings Gallery a real edge in custom framing, with his creative eye and unique designs that turn handmade and imported frames into extensions of the very art they display. Handler's artistic skill comes to life through his ability to choreograph the gallery with just the right mix of works and artists. "I can't draw or paint, but my eye and pure enthusiasm for art and design have always kept me surrounded by some of the most talented artists in the world," explains Handler, whose father introduced him to the world of art when he was a teenager growing up in Florida. "The artists featured in Vinings Gallery are making significant contributions to the art world today, and they are destined to be the Picassos, Chagalls, and Van Goghs of tomorrow."

Handler's mother, Micky, joined the Vinings Gallery team in 2002, when she relocated to Atlanta to help with the growing business and be closer to her granddaughters. "I've gained a deeper appreciation for art from Gary and Denard. We know our artists personally, which means we can introduce our clients to their work in a much more meaningful way," says Handler, who's known among customers and artists as the "gallery mom". "Customers come to us not only for great art, but because of the unique client experience we provide - the trust we develop, the way we frame a piece, our personal in-home consultation and delivery that set us apart."

There's no secret formula to the gallery staff's uncanny ability to find great artists. "We explore artists from around the world and select those that we really like that will fit into the personality of the gallery. It's as simple as that," says Gary Handler. Working with such greats as internationally recognized wine artist, Thomas Arvid, who is redefining the modern still life from his nearby Kennesaw, Georgia studio; Californian Michael Flohr and his urban impressionist paintings; French artist JalinePol and her beautiful textured fields and flowers; and Louisiana native Robert Cook's traditional and contemporary landscapes, is a dream-come-true for Handler and Stalling.

Handler believes that art needn't be complicated. "After a long, tough day, you should be able to kick your shoes off, open up a bottle of wine, sit back and let that painting take you to a happy place."