Jacarte Inside Painted Crystal

Jacarte was established in 2006. We design and create the finest handmade, optical crystal sculptures, vases, and perfume bottles. We are especially proud of our inside painted glass art masterpieces which flawlessly transport, into contemporary times, skills and techniques established hundreds of years ago. We accomplish our goals through what we call Trans-Pacific Coalition of Remarkable Talent . Our designers and artists, almost exclusively living and working in the US, give birth to many of our pieces. Then, a collective of artisans and inside painting master artists, calling on skills that exist only in certain provinces in China, give substance to the vision.

Inside Painted Crystal

Our collection of soul enriching, technically unsurpassed crystal is as extraordinary as it is uplifting. Each piece is completely hand sculpted and then hand painted on the inside utilizing a traditional small hooked brush. Our inside paintings are inspired by the symbolism of many cultures. The collection is grounded by universal elements of classic urban design. The result is fresh, exciting and enduring.