Leonard Wren

Positioned as one of the leading American Impressionists, Leonard Wren paints the beauty of the American landscape. His journeys have also taken him to locales such as Italy, France, Spain and Jamaica for inspiration. He is also intrigued with the wonderful light and variety in the landscape of Washington State, where he is building a new studio. Painting since 1975, he learned to paint light and color under the study of Richard and Edith Goetz.

Leonard’s style and choices of subjects allow the viewer to relate to the paintings. Rather than rendering a detailed depiction of a scene, his loose interpretive brushwork conveys a peaceful moment in time. He leaves the detail to be interpreted by the individual viewer, thus creating a familiarity to his work. In addition, by including evidence of human existence in the landscape such as a quaint cottage, an old bicycle, a sidewalk café, or a path through a quiet garden, his paintings invite the viewer to participate in the narrative.