Michael Flohr 2018 Show Originals

Michael Flohr is a young California artist, currently living and working in San Diego where he was born and raised. With his parents’ encouragement, he began painting at the young age of five and later on pursued a degree at the San Francisco Academy of Art College, graduating in 1999. He has also been recognized into New York’s Society of Illustrators, joining the ranks of legendary predecessors such as Norman Rockwell, Maxfield Parrish and N.C. Wyeth.

Michael Flohr at Vinings Gallery

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Depicting ordinary moments in extraordinary ways, Michael Flohr’s work displays an artistic mastery of color, perspective, technique and vision. Largely urban in content with a European flair, his paintings cover subject matter ranging from nightlife scenes, cityscapes, still lifes and figurative portraiture.

Inspired by the works of master impressionists, Flohr prefers to paint in oils and comments, “I love oil paint because of its durability and the richness it brings to the canvas. I also believe that most people with an appreciation for art respect an artist’s use of this classic medium.”

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